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2011-Aug-25 - Evolve toward super

Liquid crystal display trend:Evolve toward super thin big size 3 D LED
Hui astute Anne defends net Xun liquid crystal display completely toward the big size, super thin, 3 Ds, LED evolution,dvb t mpeg4beautiful company excellent parties points out, Taiwan a year, the liquid crystal display market sale quantity attains 1,800,000~2,000,000 sets, first half year of still have the most sale quantities by 18.5 inches or 19 incheses, but have already caught up gradually to second half year of model of 21.5 inches or 22 inches, become a market main current;In addition, the LED model also replaces a traditional cold cathode tube gradually model,LED lights manufacturer not a few brands such as strange the United States, BenQ the new model has already been all LEDs model.

City adjusts organization to point out, the big size model regarded professional market as principle formely, but more and more people went to the movie with the liquid crystal display, TV shows, the model of 24 inches, 27 inches also increased gradually, and mostly emphasized to have FullHD a high resolution.

Each big brand all releases frivolous United States carry model on frivolous United States' back, in addition to economical place of space, Xu Huangalso emphasize to combine with decorating of in home to is integral whole.Such as HP L2201 thick about 1 cm;But AOC more release 0.92 cms of the Xians thin model.

The 3 D display increases with the Zhao contents, and the universality of the 3 D cellular phone, 3 D flat panel, 3 D camera and 3 D movie camera, estimate will have 300% growths future next year, the display of the 3 D is divided into an optical thin film type currently and match being partial to of agile need not battery light 3 D glasses,12 volt led lighting and adopt an active type to doubly and repeatedly sweep to take aim to match inside the high-definition model of the 3 D glasses of setting up the battery is lord.

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