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2011-Sep-11 - Yugoslavia Thursday

Small recruit an admission from Yugoslavia Thursday of hk$4444.35

News on September 12,Cable Manufacturer hinterland dining catena company's plan in small Yugoslavia publishes 335,000,000 news in the harbor, among them 90% for the country between going together with to sell, 10% for publicly sell.Recruit stock price to lie 1.65-2.2 dollars,Mini Wireless Keyboardraise capital the most 737,000,000 dollarses, there is another 15% excess number going together with an ownership of a share;Account by each hand 2000, the admission is 4444.35 dollars.

Small Yugoslavia draws up to recruit on September 15-20 and becomes available in the market on the 28th.Recommend the artificial beautiful silver beautiful wood, residue to beat.The end of this year the annual earnings predict to be no less than 113,800,000 dollars renminbi.

The company plans to raise capital to gain to used for this year a fourth quarter to open 5 new stores, clear, will set up 26 and 33 restaurants respectively year after next,Patch Cord Manufacturerthe company anticipates this year capital expenditure about 9,000,000-13,000,000 dollars renminbi in each restaurant;Another raise capital to gain to used for compensating a loan, promote information system and build up central kitchen and godown, and brand expansion and general company use.

Recruit a document according to the first step,electric welding machine manufacturersmall Yugoslavia plans to set up 21 small Yugoslavia in Shanghai and Hui private home restaurant in 2011, and another set up "south small building" restaurant in Hong Kong;The company expectation can't select and appoint 12 bottoms up to 2011 annual dividends,led lighting automotive the degree the parties interest rate will draw up not to over 25% next year.

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