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2012-Jul-11 - LED common problem

Posted in IT

1. Anti-static products

In the insulation on the ground, the human body body of electrostatic can achieve a few KV even tens of thousands of volts, if human body electrostatic beyond 2-3 KV,PAR 38 LED dab4d58ck contact when metal products will produce static breakdown.

So in operation and use of electronic products such as LED, anti-static particularly important.

In the factory, should wear electrostatic take and electrostatic shoes and install detection anti-static clothing and anti-static shoes effect of detection instruments and equipment

Work station: in anti-static work area handle esd sensitive components

Storage: with electrostatic bag or container transportation storage

Testing: regular testing all anti-static measure is normal, determination of the production and suppliers correct operation

2. LED light source advantage

A longT8 LED Tube service life (> 100000 HRS)

A low voltage driver (1.8-4.5 V)

A less power consumption (40 to 100 mW)

A relatively cold light source

A light speed (time constant 10-seven-10-9 S)

Should avoid suspected light effect

A small volume

A variety of colors

A seismic sex especially good (the solid encapsulation, not dilapidation easily)

A monochromatic better (light emitting wavelength stability)

A green non-pollution

3. Light emitting diode of industrial division

Leds components in its production process can be divided into the wafer fabrication (single chip and lei chip production and manufacturing), a middle grain production (lei chip will make electrode, the platform after etching process such as cutting out LED grain) and downstream packaging (will grain encapsulation into luminous devices), and the specific process for:

The extension of technology:

Substrate-structure design-buffer layer growth-N type GaN layer growth--more light quantum well layer growth-P type GaN layer growth, annealing, detection (light fluorescence, X-ray)--of extension

Chip technology:

The extension of design, processing, mask lithography templates- ion etching-N type electrode (coating,office furniture manufacture neize225dw annealing, etching)-P type electrode (coating, annealing, etching)-HuaPian-chip points inspection, grading


Encapsulation technology:

Packaging-expansion-point crystal silver plasma (insulation glue)-solid crystal-drying-brazing wire-sealing glue (epoxy resin)-- half cut-performance drying test-all cut-test sorting-packing

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