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2012-Jul-16 - Notes to digital camera

Posted in IT
01, often reset camera Settings

Sometimes you see a good picture can be the scene, but because GanGuangDu and saturation of the camera but still stays in a photo taken on the numerical and miss opportunities more frustrating. To avoid this scenario will rely on the inspection and reset. About you camera Settings are need to finish in a photo taken after the replacement, which will each time filming the best photo opportunity, dab4d59ck to the next in the shooting.

02, memory card must be deleted should select the format

Format the memory card is all of the data it will erase, thus to record any information about the camera. And delete your picture is not. So, always remember format the memory card, and the data to the damage of the risk to the minimum.

03 often camera firmware update

The firmware is in the camera image transmission in the machine parameters set, even is to decide what function is the user can operation of the software. To often refer to your machine manufacturer's web site, make sure your SLR cameras of the firmware is the most advancedweb camera manufacturer.

04 keep camera battery full electricity

Don't always if the camera's battery is full of electricity, to make sure it is full of electricity. The trip before for the battery, so as to ensure adequate battery energy. Sometimes, had better match a spare battery.

05 set reasonable the image's resolution

Most of the time, no matter what the subject, to use the camera to provide the maximum the image's resolution to shoot. Sometimes, decrease the image's resolution can not only make memory card take take more pictures, HD webcam manufacturer still can increase shooting speed.

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