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2012-Jul-23 - LED driver is the LED

Posted in IT
LED relying on the high luminous efficiency, less power consumption, long service life, high safety and reliability, is conducive to environmental protection and other features make the application of LED in 2008 to obtain a spurt of development. In the LED games at the same time, the LED driver is the LED industry chain development of security,wireless keyboard dab4d60ck  LED power quality directly restricts the LED product reliability, therefore, in the Chinese LED industry chain gradually improve today, LED driving power is also very important to mature.
Because LED is a sensitive semiconductor device, but also has the negative temperature characteristic. Therefore in the process of application needs to carry on the stable working state and protection, thereby generating a drive concepts. The LED device to drive power demand almost harsh, LED does not like ordinary incandescent light bulb, can be directly connected to the 220V AC power. LED is a 2- 3volt low voltage driving, we must design a complex transform circuit, different uses of LED lights, should be equipped with different power adapter. LED drive power matching requirements of high pressure. Driving power supply quality is LED longevity efficient key security.
The author investigated the Shenzhen Levin photoelectric, Ford Shenzhen deep source of Electronic Science and technology and many other professionals to do LED driving power supply manufacturers after that, the international market for foreign customers for LED driving power supply efficiency conversion, effective power, constant current power, precision, life of electromagnetic compatibility requirements are very high, the design of a good the power supply must be integrated into these factor. Because the power supply in the whole lighting in the role as the human heart is as important as!
In 2009, despite the financial crisis on world economy,LED light Europe and the United States and other international market for large power LED power demand is very big still, some high-end LED products export volume is less affected by the financial crisis.
In 2008 China's LED application products output value has exceeded45000000000 yuan, LED demonstration and application of street lamp, LED full color display, solar LED, landscape lighting, consumer electronics, signal, indicative of backlight applications is still the main application fields, but in the domestic market flourishs one piece in the background, LED product quality is uneven, some good and some bad, to drive power demand chaos, but also in recent months led enterprise reshuffle main factors.
In the domestic market of LED products like a raging fire development trend, the LED driver power supply current output requirements posed a challenge. In order to extend the service life of LED lighting, commonly used integrated circuit power supply, so to design a circuit of constant current source power supply way, high current drive, with large power tube or silicon devices, plus a protection circuit, which can lead to the LED power supply circuit is very complicated, the failure rate is increased. Component cost, production cost, service cost will be increased. Currently LED itself on the high cost, plus the power cost, this greatly limits the LED products in the market competitiveness and buying groups, LED product advantages, it also restricts the development and popularization of another key problem.
On the LED power supply company,tin box manufacturer Shenzhen deep source of electronic technology limited company general manager Li Xu that in 2009about 100W power market growth will have very big promotion. From about 100W LED light source and the traditional lighting source compared to a more prominent cost-effective, and soon formed a scale of LED street lighting and landscape lighting market.

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