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2012-Sep-10 - Advantages and disadvantages

The latest Japanese performed a study that showed that, television can produce high concentrations of brominated dioxins and other brominated toxic substances. These toxic chemicals mainly TV within the flame retardants at high temperature when the fission, produced by decomposition.

Previously in Europe and the United States and Japan, have been found of brominated dioxins and other indoor air pollution caused by, but the sources of pollution and pollution pathway has not found. This discovery can better explain the sources of pollution. Dioxin has a strong carcinogenic characteristics, reishi sealand can cause cardiovascular disease, impaired immune function, endocrine disorders, abortion or sperm abnormalities. TV accumulation of dust inside will continue to spread outwards, forming a particulate matter, great harm to human health.

Expert proposal, watch TV when it every 1 hours for a 10 minute ventilation, can effectively decrease the inhalable particulate matter and brominated dioxins concentration. Television after a period of use, the best professionals please come home dust processing, and also a miniature vacuum cleaner to the heat radiating hole simple dust. In addition, air purifier for removing inhalable particle effect is also very good. If the conditions, the best choice of liquid crystal and other environmental protection type TV set.

In addition, when you watch TV should sit in front of TV, the optimum distance is a television picture diagonal length of 6 to 8 times. After watching TV jinianping with warm water to clean the bare skin. Don't watch TV while eating, because dioxins on food has a very strong absorption ability.

British survey has made a lot of people terrified: half of British men said, willing to sacrifice half of sex, to get a free 50 inch plasma TV; more 75% of men said, to make a choice between chocolate and sex, the former more attractive. Earlier, a Italy sex experts surveyed more than 500 couples, have found similar results. He found that amount before going to bed, watch TV couples, an average of two times a week sex life; if the bedtime to watch TV for a long time, the frequency of sexual life will fall sharply. The United States of America Sleep Foundation also said, addicted to TV programs, is the leading cause of 1/4 American recession is the main cause of sexual desire.

All of these indicate that, in the bedroom, Promotion gifts 2012 watch TV will substantially reduce people to sexual interest. Especially the bedtime story plot ups and downs or nostalgia movies, TV, will make people full of excessive excitement, full of the TV screen, would like to enjoy life, and even more so.

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