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2012-Sep-25 - Mobile vehicle monitoring system

Posted in IT

HC security network monitoring framework from the vehicle terminal, a transmission network and a monitoring center three layer networking integrated supervision system, to provide vehicle anti-theft, anti-robbery, route monitoring, inside and outside region free dvd the car video image real-time wireless transmission, rapid response, accident call command functions, in order to solve the problem of the dynamic management of vehicles.

Vehicle monitoring system using vehicle onboard video server, with 3?4 camera. Video server through EDGE/cdma20001x/Wi-Fi network, the monitoring center to the vehicle image in real-time monitoring and transmission, and a pair of flow technology, the local video using D1 resolution, network transmission using CIF/QVGA/QCIF resolution, to achieve local coding storage He Yuan Cheng Cunchu.

Vehicle monitoring system mainly consists of: vehicle terminal ( vehicle video server ), the monitoring center, transmission network.

1 terminal

Car terminal vehicle monitoring and management system of front-end equipment, general secretly installed on various vehicles, Zone Free DVD dab6d28ck an in-vehicle terminal device is mainly composed of video server, LCD touch screen, external camera, interphones, automobile anti-theft device and other external equipment.

Vehicle video server video and audio signal acquisition and compression for digital stream, through the cdma20001x wireless network transmission to the monitoring center to the user, remote monitoring, emergency command purpose. Vehicle video server need is dual stream at the same time coding, including local independent video stream and network transmission stream.

The user needs to extract the video monitoring data, can be used in two ways: one is through the vehicle terminal USB port, two by EV-DO ( cdma20001x, Wi-Fi ) remote access.

2 monitoring center

The monitoring center is the core of dispatching system, remote visual command and monitoring management platform, to all field vehicle monitoring, implementation of audio video interactive command, the monitoring center of the electronic map can display the vehicle 's intuitive position, red wine and through the wireless network monitor the vehicles set, for example by configuration console, remote control vehicle front camera.

At the same time, can realize the monitoring centre on the controllable range of operating vehicles in real-time, focus, visual monitoring and dispatching, and with 110, 119 command center linkage so that in the event of timely alarm when the police arrived at the scene, and security of emergency treatment efficiency.

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