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2012-Oct-15 - Need not be too panic

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In the southeast, Guangzhou Olympic Wang Shizhong high-end luggage market famous brand. This year to open up the domestic market, the Austrian king but as the main in the low-end market.

" Mainly to quickly enhance the visibility in the country. " Guangzhou Austrian King bags Industrial Company Limited marketing vice president Song Chunhong appears a little helpless, Austrian King design and product quality is first-rate, but due to the long only to foreign markets, in the domestic popularity of lower. This year the European debt crisis continued, the external demand fell again, 1, Viribright LED globe lamp dab8d29ck in August the company overseas market sales of only 100000000 yuan, drop compared to the same period in 30%. The largest number of enterprises had no choice but to turn to the consumer in the lower end of the domestic market.

Reporters recently in Guangdong research discovery, in the weak external demand, insufficient domestic demand, rising labor costs, as well as the early release of capacity to focus such as multiple factors, this year, many enterprises are like the Austrian King bags, feel management difficulty. Among them, small and medium enterprises, export-oriented enterprises, labor-intensive enterprises to be the first to bear the brunt.

The industrial economy running smoothly, some enterprises encountered operating difficulties

According to the National Bureau of statistics, 1, August, countrywide dimensions above industry increases a value to grow 10.1% compared to the same period, the growth rate was 4.1 percentage points lower; the main income margin from 6.11% the same period last year dropped to 5.4%.

The Ministry of industry and information technology minister Miao Wei said, the current international economic environment is still severe, external demand, domestic demand growth slowing of both, capacity utilization rate is insufficient, production of reduced activity, economy moves appeared many new and noteworthy circumstance. Especially small miniature enterprises are facing difficulties and problems of the more prominent, and the production and management difficulties of trend still is expanding, but present on some business difficulties also need not be too panic.

On the change of market environment, small and medium-sized small enterprises are the most sensitive, also tend to be the first to bear the brunt. But from the provinces and micro enterprise situation, has rendered the bottom to stabilize the situation. Guangdong Provincial Committee through a letter said, " Guangdong small and medium small enterprises functioning smoothly, civilian battalion economy better than expected "; small and medium enterprises in Zhejiang Province Bureau said, " Zhejiang small and medium-sized enterprise operation of micro bottom to stabilize "; small and medium-sized enterprises in Chongqing City Bureau said, " Chongqing small and medium enterprise market grows quickly, main economic norms grows smoothly, but the level of corporate profits continued to decline "; the Shaanxi small and Medium-sized Enterprises Bureau said, " the first 7 months of this year, the Shaanxi small and medium-sized enterprises maintained a good momentum of development ".

Journalists in the survey also feel, enterprises also do not exhibit excessive pessimism. Guangdong Electronic Commerce enterprise global market group general manager Pan Jianyue told the reporters, they platform for 10 million manufacturing enterprises, the year without a bankruptcy and shut down. "The year of Europe and the United States market demand weakened significantly, mainly dependent on Europe and the United States market enterprises will be affected to a certain extent, but Russia, Brazil and other emerging market activity, if the enterprise can adjust timely, overall problem. And this year in Europe and America high-end manufacturing productivity decline, Viribright LED Bulb Brand on China's manufacturing enterprises is also a chance. "

Some entrepreneurs think, the change of market environment, the objective is to promote the structure adjustment of. Guangzhou light for lighting technology limited company chairman Zhou Tanyu said: " the LED industry two years before the comparison of fire, the access threshold is not high, the expansion of production capacity very quickly, technical level is uneven. This year the overall industry growth rate down, who is not high technology enterprises fall down, give technical competitive enterprises free market space, hkcar for the healthy development of the industry has certain advantages. "

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