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2012-Oct-30 - Silk product identification

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The weather is getting hotter, wear comfortable, smooth silk dress is a kind of enjoyment. However, the recent Hangzhou City Consumers Association received about silk are also quite a few complaints, complaints generally divided into several categories: Landscape product dab2d12ck buy fake silk clothing, silk clothing in some cleaning after the occurrence of fading, color mixing phenomenon.

After understanding, reporter discovery, some consumers are buying fake silk products, but there are many problems because consumers save cleaning caused by improper. Then in the purchase and maintenance of silk products, what should notice? The reporter consulted the personage inside course of study, they introduced key points:

First of all, to buy silk products silk products to pay attention to the following: slight scratch the hand feeling, the mutual friction can be heard the sound of crisp " and other raw materials Silk sound ", the fabric is not; extraction fabric thread when ignited, hair smell for silk, plastic taste for artificial silk. Buy silk clothing should pay attention to whether the flat surface is smooth, there is no fuzzing and spot phenomenon, whether the defect and hole. In addition, because the true silk shrink rate is higher, babyclothwear the purchase should pay attention to choose greater than the actual need a specification is appropriate, especially the waist, hips, legs straight crotch, etc. should be reduced. In addition, there are some of the more professional recognition method:

Products: domestic silk number recognition method implemented by the China Silk Corporation to develop a unified product number. Products from the 5 Arabia digital components. The 5 digit from left to right the first digit, pure silk fabric ( include mulberry silk, spun silk) for " 1 ", " 2 " for chemical fiber fabrics, blended fabrics as " 3 ", the tussah silk fabric for " 4 ", "5 " artificial silk fabric, fabric (including acetic acid silk fabric ) for " 6 ", "7 quilt fabric ". It is understood, is currently on the market for imported silk basically no silk fabric, Georgette, Rouzisha, beads and other patterns, is a chemical fiber fabric, imported silks no unified goods number.

Price identification method: silk fabrics chemical fiber, the price is about twice as much as the silk satin.

Luster, hand recognition method: the silk fabric is soft luster, a pearl light, soft and elegant. Chemical fiber fabric luster bright, dazzling, feeling is strong. Some simulation silk fabrics after removal of hard processing, feel is soft, but the silken face dark, without pearly luster.

Buy a silk dress, maintenance is very important, in the washing, should use neutral soap or washing powder, in cold water to soak for 15 minutes to 20 minutes, and then gently rub, then with water drift net, should not use washing machine, also should not use alkaline soap, washing temperature is high, should not be forced to rub. Rinse gently squeezed off the water, and the hanger, the airing, tin box for candies avoids the sunlight insolation fade. Ironing silk clothing, not high temperature, not directly ironing, must be affixed with a layer of wet hot again, to prevent the high temperature make silk brittle hair, even burning. Storage is the use of iron racks, to resist rust, some consumers because of improper storage of fade, dyeing. In addition, silk products in a long time, easy and hard, with silk softener or white vinegar diluted immersion can restore soft.

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