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life in blue sky

2012-Nov-4 - Disruptive innovation

Posted in Lamp
" We are the phases of the first strategy, is not the pursuit of profit, the key to expand the scale, to capture the market, the enterprise survival is more important. " In an interview with reporters, one in the industry quite well-known LED lighting business executives so frankly. Perhaps this idea, in the current stage of development in the industry has been more representative, at the same time, with which, in 2012 due to increasingly fierce market competition and the homogenization of serious phenomenon, many LED enterprises are in the face of size and revenue growth but profit shy predicament. How to expand the market share and enhance the profitability of the business to find a balance between? This has apparently become more and more entrepreneurs have to consider. At present, enterprises have to avoid inventory and capital increases the risk of risk, hand and face the market on product requirement is more and more high and increasing reality choice. To the market, still want profit? Is a dilemma, " low profit, can only earn a manufacturing cost, and even get some market project is ' peibenzhuanyaohe '; and the pursuit of high profit, go the value chain, and no amount of. " Recently, a less than all the invitation to bid bid enterprise 20% a city street lamp replacement engineering enterprises caused by peer questioned, the company says, it can help enterprises establish a brand image, LED manufacturer dab3d12ck establish the position of the industry, but also helps to strengthen the company in the future in other regions or provinces receive the ability. " First with radical price occupation of the market, after the mining profits ", more and more enterprises after balance made the choice, and this choice can also mean " price war " stage, and even become a lingering and must face market competition " universal form ", especially " the low end of the price war more hasten is intense ", and the high end will mainly to integrated marketing, high-end customized to meet the specific consumer groups demand, but this will spell spell products, professional service. Whereas for more tend to the former domestic enterprises, " the market first " business philosophy has its reason to exist : the first is to occupy the market, with customers, with sales, to gain or first volume after Lee, is the survival and development of the road. Of course, preemption, occupy more market, also with strength, not blind dilate; strength in the permit, a large area of the market, people gradually recognized enterprise products, price system and so on, which means to develop their own customer base, expand marketing channels, and then again do some profit operation. At the same time, this strategy also to radical price will rival " squeeze " market, means that enterprises get more development potential. However, this also means that, choose this path, enterprises in the capital and scale must hold a dominant position, appear to be more suitable for some play the " everybody ", further more, it is also the enterprise products, channels, technology, capital, industry chain integration capabilities and business environment shaping ability of a comprehensive test; cost control is the first priority among priorities, while technical routes also have certain forward-looking, " what route to take, how quickly more than walking, key. "

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