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2013-Feb-5 - Living in others aspire to

Carefully observe the people around childhood lavish dinner with friends or to spend money still conditional spend money extravagantly. Each one to pay, there would be no wallet, after many years, still struggle financially. brushless motorIt seems that the more money the more money, the poorer the more reluctant to spend money to friends.

Us since ancient times have to remember: the only saving can be saved, the more frugal to save more is maintained money: no matter how much profit, and only saved is earned, and so on. These ideas Is it all wrong?

Frugality in the community a lot of people, 80% of the people are constantly thrifty. Can save save less expenses, less expenses, bank deposit on bank deposits. The money deposited in banks, accounting for more than 80% of their wealth. For the rich it? Their bank deposits accounted for 1% of their wealth not to.

The money is the overhead required for their own recently, other money is generally not on the bank. Not only will not, but will be trying out a loan from the bank turnover. What is a bank? The bank is the money of the people do not like to spend money together, to the friends of those who like to spend money spent.

You do not like to spend money, the result is only one, your money to someone else to help you spend.

Why, the more money the more money people, the poorer the more people who do not like to spend money? This is the thinking of a different angle. Thrifty mindset is always: buy things cheaper on the cheap, saved money, there are other useful. Save money so after more buy want are how and how money after. And those rich people how to think? They like something, always consider are: How can I do to be able to buy it? dc motor gear dba5a06dkHow can I earn so much money could buy it?

Between the gap, making the rich moneymaking ideas, ways, more and more, and these are accompanied by their own desires, ambitions and growing, today earns on Santana tomorrow like Buick, which quickly adjust their work to adjust their career, and then to buy something you like living in others aspire.

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