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life in blue sky

2013-Nov-26 - falling suffused with yellow fragments

Posted in Design
Everyone has a window, a closed window,disorders it is corroded memory not bearing tears, that is the falling suffused with yellow fragments.
People, came to this world, may be destined to experience many, sweet, laughter, sigh, hesitation... In the seasonal river bed and flower, in the fleeting eyelashes superior taste The End of Life, each in her own way, looking for a good, everyone in the hope, waiting for a happiness is.
It is like a word: heart charm, the world charm. The ride, the vicissitudes of life, fleeting ups and downs, perhaps life and look forward to a lot of times is inequality, your desire, a mirage; what you desire, a curtain, so, won't wander, the pain of disappointment, we may choose to close the door, the brilliant once lock in the window of heart......
In fact, when the dust settles, when life through 9 turn eighteen, suddenly look back, you'll find out:coconutlife is never perfect, 100%, as the moon does not often round, the universe will not always be the day. The static under heart, careful experience, full moon is a kind of elegant beauty, the moon did not a graceful beauty? The day is a kind of wild beauty, night not a static guard soul beauty?
We have seen "a dream of Red Mansions"? The Liu grandmother into the Grand View Garden, is full of novelty, full of fun, and Lin was "in accordance with this funeral flower fanatic people laugh, he was buried flower who knows?" The infinite sadness. The same moon, Li Bai is "look at the bright moon, bow their heads and think of home" thoughts, and Zhang Jiuling is "the sea the moon shines bright, amid" wishes. The scene is different, is the people, is the mood!
Life is never perfect, 100%, life in us, is just a process, perfect it, a little regret it,Waxberry this way, it is important for us to enjoy the scenery along the way. The Venus de Milo, became the embodiment of beauty in our heart, because she gave us the shock of the soul. When passed through the vicissitudes, when looking back, we might find: sometimes, incomplete and the vicissitudes of life is also a kind of beauty.
There is a saying: life, is not a concept, but life, more is a multivariate equation,flavour the only solution is to find, on your own.
Yes, a good mood, may bury the hatchet, a bad mood may lead to draw a; a good mood may let you in high spirit, a bad mood may be healthy for the disease. A good mood, will let the rainy days of sunshine; a good mood, will let the withered flowers gorgeous opening; a good mood, will let the darkness is full of light. People in this lifetime, parents or children, or, friendship or, can accompany you through a journey of life, but you can't avoid, escape, Even though they came and went so fast always accompanied, only their own mood.

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