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life in blue sky

2014-Feb-12 - Poetry and reality

The real point is not fun, people came to this world, if using a pessimistic view of life: eat mixed wait for death!Dog t-shirts are a great way In addition to ask some emperor and Xiuxian people want to change the outcome of life, many people understand: people always die, be weightier than Mount Tai or lighter than a goose feather, too, must die. Human folly and wisdom in this, know the outcome, we have three different life: the blind do not toss toss. The blind man in mind understanding is not knowledge, but is hopeful or luck, although for many people, the sour grapes luck and hope always like hanging in the high branches, people don't usually imagine its acid, but imagine it sweet, perhaps this grape have even if you neck elongation like the giraffe are not able to, but you still can go when the giraffe. Hope will cheat for a lifetime, but undeniable is, it is only the power of one's life, it can at least coax we walk for a lifetime; the second people are very smart, clever is soon know "sour grapes." soon become a pessimist, what all don't want to after all, they no longer believe, do not believe that leadership painted cake, don't believe love roses, do not believe that the friendship of the ship, just and practical to sink sink sink where only the day knows; third people, they are really smart, they be a brilliant man of wide learning, the changes of times and know life ", can the resurrection", "though thousands of people I toward" courage "just sour grapes sweet to eat", then set up a "poetic" vineyard in the boring the cruel reality, they have also let others eat, such a person is not a madman is a poet, not a poet is the sage, not a saint is the great man, or have both at the same time, it's not like you and me, the laity, for these people you think can not help saying: these people can really toss ah! However, only really toss life poetic.
Three kinds of collection is human,hyneer three kinds of life collection is the human history, is unwilling to remain out of the limelight that human amorous "entertain themselves".
As we are very busy in the reality, busy busy busy busy busy matchmaking money fall in love wedding break up divorcing, busy run round in circles, busy like a gyroscope, sometimes even oneself all don't know who is hardship busy, just outside pressure like a string of smoking, you must turn, a long time even if the, don't smoke, you will be because of inertia and long. The real struggle for houses and cars, women's future son you do or be conscientious and do one's best grandson grandsons, a long time, you find many "distance away from the ancient Confucius Mencius me Chuang-tzu Mo-tse" more and more far the history of civilization, how far away from now, you will have far away from their. In this high price and high pollution and high food prices crisis high drug crisis era, Grammar and Styleyou find out if not tall, rich and handsome Baifu beauty, the two generation of two rich generation what, but also safe and sound was born and live in the world, first you have to thank the parents, then thank god! The reality of too many people, too tired too dangerous, can good good live buried on the good, which have so much time to poetry! At present, if someone is poetic, it is absolutely not to praise someone, but rather tortuous curse: this time you have installed what forced ah! And "pack to force" than to make money, no money you poor. And what ah!
Alive alive you gradually find, when you do the work on the "journey" in the life of "local" and was forced into a life of unknown to the public and gray "woodlouse", you really don't know what the poetic, in this life you with poetic distance, like the ugly little duck with white Swan distance, then, you also find: he killed also into a white swan not killed most is dead swans! The world is really fucking boring!
In fact,jkstellacactus God is fair, when you take "soil Hockin" do the local tyrants, open sports car crash with the * * *, "my dad is Li Gang, or for life as the grandson or being with grandchildren, your this whole life all don't know" birth, what death is also a male ghost ", this time, the difference with local tyrants, poetic distinction like rice and shit. Usually, I said that usually, a shrine cannot God of wealth and worship God, one can not only when the angel and devil, a woman can not only as a lady and a whore, because property mainly into the Kingdom of heaven is like a camel through the eye of a needle to become God, the devil will God overflowing, * Articles de cette page  * prostitution to honor a broken and inevitably provoked a venereal disease.

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