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life in blue sky

2014-Feb-14 - In residence

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In the early seventy century,how-in-singapore  I'm going to the school. Remember that year after graduating from junior high school to a high school in 15 miles outside the admission notice, was both happy and worry. Happy is he can finally get out of this mountain to the "River" reading, be anxious to live on campus to go to high school, home and no extra blankets to take to school.
Want to read high school I told the village a family condition slightly better students agreed two people were sleeping in one bed, he took the quilt, I take the mat. Thus, the Jiao coin dispersion in dispersion enough 15 yuan tuition at home, I picked a bear piece of wood a yuan discount made the ride board (that is, rice Chai Huoqian) the realization of their high aspirations! I was only 15 nominal age, away from her home for the first time, remember most live on campus the first night although next to someone, but still afraid. Waking up at the midnight, saw a dark, unexpectedly "Wah Wah" crying. Until now, I remember lying in his mother's arms, happiness, the heart is still sour, like "small wine (vinegar)" really was not the taste. The campus life is very disciplined: the day before dawn to get up wash a face to brush your teeth, to the morning exercise run 5 Li, night to bed on time, no loud talk and so on.
At that time a week 5 days of classes, students live at home Saturday afternoon. Around 12 a.m. Saturday after class I hungry to walk 15 miles to return home, after eating lunch on the mountain pine wood knife sharpening the blade cut thick pick home into piece of wood, dried on Sunday afternoon pick to go to school, the school canteen manager will buy, each bear the piece of wood by the amount of price are in a piece of money around a Tam,lower sell piece of wood for a money like the rest was left to their own pocket. When the food is tight at dinner, he bought a one - five cents in the four two meters, with their quantitative to put in at the school canteen in the big steamer from home, each grade flight marks on the steamer, each bowl with shilling mark mark. During dinner, everyone will find their own class steamer and end his bowl back to the dormitory -- food in his bookcase. Speaking of food, I had more acid: at that time are to bring their own food,waxberonce a week to bring enough food, the food most of the tools are used in Sydney cans and installed a dark bottle male tumor strain, every week with food is generally three or four bottles, a bottle of fresh radish, food plant, vegetables and the like to eat one or two days, dip dish Sassafras dish a bottle is not easy to bad, then is the hot pepper and soy bean curd mold. When the weather is hot, the dip dish Sassafras dish four or five days become rancid has a layer of white "shit", put the "hair" clip out and throw it away to eat. Because afraid to eat bad food, I would take some peppers and mycophenolate mycophenolate Tofu soy bean curd, Gilda Radner that time will be metamorphogenic taste even long maggots...... So I see mycophenolate tofu disgusting appetite now.
I recall the campus life, I think the biggest harvest is morning exercises exercise treadmill good physique, learned to live independently as my own laundry, still difficult environment honed their great wealth,cocks  this is life.

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