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2008-Jun-24 - Collection key to the tri-coloured glazed pottery

Collection key to the tri-coloured glazed pottery

    The tri-coloured glazed pottery is a general term of the color-glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty, it bore the weight of and had extremely high value plainly with beautiful color, simple and unsophisticated and unique model and characterized history and culture. As collecting the category, places of trade such as the salesroom at home and abroad and antique fair,etc. often manifest the figure of the tri-coloured glazed pottery. Then what keys does it have to collect the respect?


    It is its artistic level's measurement at first, this is clicked by a key judgement. It was the highest grade naturally that the color, model had artistic value very much. And in the concrete model, it is most famous to mould with personage's terra-cotta figure, Ma Yong and camel's terra-cotta figure. As regards pottery horse,Electronic Manufacturing| Electronic Manufacturing Services| China Electronic Manufacturer| Electronics Manufacturer| Electronics Manufacturing China| China Electronics Manufacturers the most famous and precious with white three-colour glazed pottery horse and black three-colour glazed pottery horse. On December 12, 1989, London Sotheby struck on the field the unexpected rival of a tri-coloured glazed pottery made a deal with 49,550,000 pounds, the three-colour glazed pottery horse of a design only struck 60,500 pounds in Christie in 91.

    Secondly it is times and producing area that it is natural. What the international market can see is produced in three ancient painted potteries device of China, Japan and Korea, named tri-coloured glazed pottery, three-colour glazed pottery of Nara and three-colour glazed pottery of new Luo separately, because value is different, so should distinguish it clearly. Getting domestic among them, produce in the Tang Dynasty than " distant three-colour glazed pottery " With " gold three-colour glazed pottery "  It is high with the price to be excellent; Produce in central plain area fine than produced in remote area quality.

    Third involve protecting the true question. This needs investigation of procedure of several steps. See fetus quality, real quality is fine and smooth, loose, there is trace of corroding, often have one kind of rusty spot of calcium. Revealing some top layers of fetus after clearing up has small sandy holes that appear more. The fetus quality modelled is hard, present color or be fine and smooth and pure white or send the dust; See color two times, ancient three colored glaze color is deep, soft, a little dark, the green glaze especially among them, the color and luster is relatively deep,  Smt Electronic Manufacturing| Electronics Contract Manufacturing| Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services| Subcontract Pcb Assembly soft. New three-colour glazed pottery color and luster bright bright-colored dazzling, green glaze part imitate product color and luster lighter and floating on the top layer, lack the moist sense. The yellow glaze or red glaze in the ancient three-colour glazed pottery demonstrate like the line of flowing the filament which the silkworm spits out more, and three ancient painted pottery devices fired newly do not generally have this kind of phenomenon
    Need to consider its quality of appearance, distinguish the smell, distinguish the model etc. synthetically finally. The top layer of original product adheres to the soil rust, there is peculiar soil fishy taste, the smell is more obvious after especially meeting water. The model is free, consummate too, the body of fetus rises and falls, transfers naturally. There is a phenomenon with uneven thickness in some fetus walls. The new product have smoke more, the model rule is whole, old fashioned and inflexible.

    Synthesize what time it will be the above, can delimit concern range of tri-coloured glazed pottery on the whole, get involved, collect, take eyes get naturally, hand getTin Box Dvd Box Wholesale Tin Containers Cd Box Supplier, heart arrive. It is facing a kick of the door of the collector that eyesight adds the daring and resolution, it is believed that this field of tri-coloured glazed pottery will bring and choose the correct collector to repay with the generous one.

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