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life in blue sky

2008-Sep-24 - Having missed this life, the next life continues the love

Having missed this life, the next life continues the love
Silent, silent, you have left me, it was so light that you left, have not trace at all to leave.  HTML clipboardReciprocating Pumps| Metering Pumps long long ago                                                                                                                                                                                 
   Meet you Heaven intentional arrangement or tease I on purpose, when I just decided to love you, but you have left, the eternal one has left me, we are not mixed again, we are only transient guests, have just stayed on the same website for a while, and has broken up, it is peace and quiet while breaking up, does not leave each other too many scars.
   I said that I wanted to be your elder brother, but you did not promise me, became a stranger, perhaps it is you that are afraid that see me sad, perhaps you do not want to see me any more, the ones that miss are on by mistake, did not hope that there is any result again, how about but me? Why should I be your elder brother? I want to keep you here, I want to see your happy smiling, do not want to make you sad, you are an optimistic girl, if it is shameful to cry, don't cry, don't be sad, everything blame you, destiny tease people just, some thing how how does it think we, nothing is not so smooth, not so silly later, HTML clipboardHigh pressure pumps Piston Pumpsdo people live for oneself? It has to be then a word, people for being own to execute by Heaven and destroy by earth, make nothing consider oneself first, will like to be others' unless loving oneself, people can have secrets, some secrets don't be said either all one's life, if you do not say I think we will go to together, in fact I waited for you later, want, have a chat with you, wait until you either,etc., reach station think for train later, perhaps just like this in life, will see inadvertently, make great efforts to meet when finishing, also brush past.
    You pieces of little girl sensible very, who marry you can happy, can only say I kind life that, can not bear the love that you give, in fact you needn't tell me truth, two people are together as long as happy, thing those I include, lie in too, you speak getting early a little, you pieces of fine girl, must love oneself. You will also look for a good boy, but this is secret you don't tell him forever, don't be so silly, do not mention.
     Life is like this, the ones that might not be got are happy, that could not got is a kind of happiness too. Reason is that it is made, one is that the people are, it has no one that we have chance with, thank you, thank you for coming with these days when I stayed, though is transient, happy, you are the first girlfriend letting me feel happy, hope we are meeting in next life, will hope then we are all mutual first love, loving it all one's life well
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