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2009-Nov-18 - I get warm for oneself by recalling

I get warm for oneself by recalling   
Winter of this year came very early, in September of the lunar calendar, southern temperature dropped to and had two or three degrees only, it is supposed to snow today, this was not seen since I was born. Influenza breaks out by a large scale to near the period of time, I have been infected too, took medicine, it seems that the result is not big. It is very cold outside, I do not want to go out, roll up in the office, come into " red sleeve is added fragrantly " ,Looking at the sad characters, the indifference of favor is assassinated so that my whole body is ice-cold even more. Then miss you, want to get warm with the memory that you once granted me.
Remember that winter? At that night winter, you can't see your hand in front of you, it is windy and rainy, the cold attacks people, I go home stepping on the bicycle, you come over riding the motor behind, stop at once, say it is too dark, one is unsafe, ask me to send the bicycle in the familiar household of the roadside, take your motor, you send me home. Sit behind you, a whiff of warm currents penetrate my whole body, has not got I that cared about for a long time, thought suddenly very fuzzy at the moment.
Remember that winter? At that night winter, the the same one is windy and rainy, the same cold attacks people, you, in order to see me, night, have car, you actually more than 10 li on foot, while entering the door, the rainwater soaked your whole body, tear fuzzy my eyes. I ask, you are tired, cold, change the clothes quickly. You say, non- tired, non- cold, see you, I am very warm, very happy. I must forget who is oneself, happiness with such and simple originally while being happy.
Remember that winter? At such a night of winter, the the same one is windy and rainy, the same cold attacks people, you ask me get outside, hand hold one mention son (this like fruit that wipe out most I) ,Give to me and say, I will accompany the leader this evening, I can't accompany you, you sleep carefully, don't catch a cold. I look like one snow white that love, it is must soon crazy to lose to be happy, happiness with such and extremely easy to obtain originally just.
In addition, can not remember clearly whether it is winter or not, it is a very cold evening too, I have no intention of telling you to delay having supper because of the work, you went out at once, for a moment, were carrying a boxed meal, sent to me and said in the hand, you do not have good stomach, should remember to have a meal on time. Take the lunch-box, my hands tremble without end, the tears gush out, I am knocked into happily in a complete mess.
The past event is from squirting wantonly in the heart, the tear overflows on the face wantonly. I am in the office alone tonight, where are you? Can not touch your tenderness, I can only get warm for oneself by remembering, spend my endless long night.
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