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2013-Dec-9 - Agents About Leads

Posted in IT
Sadly many agents are told lies about the leads they receive. party planning industry This article is intended to expose some of the lies agents hear from lead sources;

1) These leads are exclusive - agents many times believe that they are the only one working a lead. Although this may be true some of the time, most leads are shared. You can have as many as 3-4 other agents calling on your leads. tangeryyenjoying the amenitiesThis is evidenced by the fact that when you call a lead you just got, chances are you are not the first agent to call them that day.

2) These leads are fresh - if you can call leads shortly after they have responded to the marketing inquiry you increase your chances of converting People tend to forget the longer it takes an agent to get back to them.the layout of these houses Calling old leads many times is a waste of time.

3) We close _____% of these leads - the closing ratio can be highly subjective. I have purchased leads based on the stated ratios and not always seen the results promised. As an agent you feel like you are always doing something wrong when you don't get appointments. Sometimes the calls you are making are not worth the effort.

4) We make no money on selling you these leads - a classic comment made by many Insurance companies. The question I would consider is this; if companies are producing leads for agents at cost, why are they so expensive? And how can they afford to have these huge prospecting generation operations if there is no money to be made in leads?

Remember there are companies out there who only meimei10086 make money from selling leads and they cost as much (sometimes less) than what an Insurance company offers to their agents. Lead generation is big business and companies offer these to agents because they know this is another stream of income to them.

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2012-Sep-25 - Mobile vehicle monitoring system

Posted in IT

HC security network monitoring framework from the vehicle terminal, a transmission network and a monitoring center three layer networking integrated supervision system, to provide vehicle anti-theft, anti-robbery, route monitoring, inside and outside region free dvd the car video image real-time wireless transmission, rapid response, accident call command functions, in order to solve the problem of the dynamic management of vehicles.

Vehicle monitoring system using vehicle onboard video server, with 3?4 camera. Video server through EDGE/cdma20001x/Wi-Fi network, the monitoring center to the vehicle image in real-time monitoring and transmission, and a pair of flow technology, the local video using D1 resolution, network transmission using CIF/QVGA/QCIF resolution, to achieve local coding storage He Yuan Cheng Cunchu.

Vehicle monitoring system mainly consists of: vehicle terminal ( vehicle video server ), the monitoring center, transmission network.

1 terminal

Car terminal vehicle monitoring and management system of front-end equipment, general secretly installed on various vehicles, Zone Free DVD dab6d28ck an in-vehicle terminal device is mainly composed of video server, LCD touch screen, external camera, interphones, automobile anti-theft device and other external equipment.

Vehicle video server video and audio signal acquisition and compression for digital stream, through the cdma20001x wireless network transmission to the monitoring center to the user, remote monitoring, emergency command purpose. Vehicle video server need is dual stream at the same time coding, including local independent video stream and network transmission stream.

The user needs to extract the video monitoring data, can be used in two ways: one is through the vehicle terminal USB port, two by EV-DO ( cdma20001x, Wi-Fi ) remote access.

2 monitoring center

The monitoring center is the core of dispatching system, remote visual command and monitoring management platform, to all field vehicle monitoring, implementation of audio video interactive command, the monitoring center of the electronic map can display the vehicle 's intuitive position, red wine and through the wireless network monitor the vehicles set, for example by configuration console, remote control vehicle front camera.

At the same time, can realize the monitoring centre on the controllable range of operating vehicles in real-time, focus, visual monitoring and dispatching, and with 110, 119 command center linkage so that in the event of timely alarm when the police arrived at the scene, and security of emergency treatment efficiency.

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2012-Sep-20 - energy saving lighting

Posted in IT
People who have switched to the LED lights term them as energy saving lighting that has helped them save up to 70 % energy. Since the lights have proved themselves to be efficient,LED Lighting Company dab6d25ck  the Led retrofit is now being recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy also. Replacing your existing lights with LEDs can help you to be more cost efficient and look forward to positive cash flow.

Apart from reduction in energy bills, LED retrofitting also promises other benefits. With the new lighting we can be environment friendly and protect the trees. This is because the unlike the normal lights, LEDs do not emit heat, carbon or lead. Since LED don't emit carbon, we do not have to worry about carbon footprints and can thus help in saving the natural resources. Also the LEDs are considered as cool lighting as they don't emit heat. Due to this you are able to maintain your room temperature without increasing the air conditioning power. Thus you get to save on your air conditioning bills as well.

Choosing LED lighting for your home and offices also help you to forget about maintenance cost. The lights used in lighting retrofit program have a very long life and thus they can work for about 75,000 hours. This means that you do not have to buy new bulbs for years to come and don't have to worry about replacing the lights in every few months.

Apart from their practical use, the energy saving lighting is also popular because of their innovative designs. Companies like ESI have introduced stylish LED fixtures that are apt for different locations. These fixtures are practical, stylish,DVD to ipod and can enhance the decor your home well. Different kinds of LEDs are now available for residential buildings, retail building, office buildings, and manufacturing units and for different industries. Some of them are more powerful while others are made to be mild. You can use the LED retrofit that maybe suitable for you and can also ask the companies to provide you with customized lighting solutions.

If you are worried about the expenses related to retrofitting then there are some companies that offer flexible repayment options. They retrofit your building with the LED lighting and then allow you to repay them later in small installments. Thus you have the ease to start saving first and then pay the company through the saving.

Changing your existing lights and opting for LEDs are therefore very useful. dvd to iphone Switching to these lights is not only beneficial for you but is good for the environment as well.
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2012-Aug-27 - LED Floodlights are the perfect

Posted in IT
All of us want to have floodlights that are energy efficient and at the same time don't affect our environment badly in any way.LED Spotlight dab5d56ck LED Floodlights are the perfect answer to this. They not only save energy but are easy on your pocket as well. Let us consider the benefits of these floodlights.

? Fluorescent bulbs are not as energy efficient as LED and they don't last long whereas LED last for much longer time.
? They are very environment friendly and save a lot of energy.
? These floodlights can work on many forms of energies that involves solar energy as well. This feature of these lights make them more valuable and cost-effective.
? You save a lot of money by buying them as you need to change them frequently.
? They are easy to install. LED FloodlightThey don't need any solder to get installed.
? They are capable of illuminating wide places such as play grounds and big lawns and are perfect for carrying out events like games and concerts.
? LED lights are much brighter than other kind of illuminating products such as bulbs.
? They do not get heated up easily. They are quite cool to use.
? As LEDs don't require much power, so they can be well used in remote areas instead of generators.
? They require less replacement and maintenance cost.
? Everyone wants a secure life and these floodlights offer you complete security with the kind of brightness they provide and save your money also.

Flood lights light up your front yard to making everything more visible to you. If you are fed up of changing your flood light every now and then,LED Candle Bulb then you may opt for LED as they last for much longer time and are energy efficient as well.
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2012-Aug-20 - DVD copying software available

Posted in IT
You can put the ripper application to so many different uses - backing up files and data that might be important/ be needed later, copying favorite videos, video games, creating and editing your own visuals,reishidab5d55ck   music and images into a DVD and so on. The applications come loaded with features but all of them come in a compact package that doesn't occupy much space on your computer.

There are several choices in terms of best DVD copying software available to you. However there are inherent problems in them that you need to look out for and avoid. Do you get the latest and official versions of the applications you choose? Do you have free updates done automatically? Is there customer support you can rely on? Are downloads quick, easy to install and do not occupy large spaces? The above are some questions you can answer before deciding where to get your software from.

A couple of websites dedicated to providing reliable best DVD copying software and more have been made available for users. These sites have so many exciting features which you will want to try out when you know about them. You can make use of your digital music to the utmost by making up your own play lists on CDs/ DVDs and play them during your parties.dvd copying software  There are even options to add sound tracks over and above these. You can get creative and edit multiple movies or videos to make your own movies and share them with friends. Put away your memories safely by backing up precious files and other data.

Some of the site features and facilities include:

1.Applications, software versions are most recent and officially guaranteed ones

2.Downloads are quick to be downloaded

3.Easy installation of downloaded software and immediate use

4.A 24*7 support facility to help customers

5.Updates are done dvd to iphone automatically free of cost

6.There are exhaustive guidelines to help users to download and use software

7.Applications have easy to use friendly interfaces so that even novices can use

8.There are advanced options to create DVDs with professional quality
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2012-Aug-14 - Zenigata LED light

Posted in IT
So you could, right now, replace all your 60w light bulbs with Zenigata LED light bulbs rated at 6.7 watts and consume 1/10th (or 90% less) electricity. And remember Haitz's Law? Because of performance improvements, eighteen months from now you should be able to obtain the same 60w worth of lighting from just 3 watts.

LED light, in common with CFLs,PAR 38 LED dab5d63ck  has tended to be a somewhat cool blue colour, whereas we are more accustomed to a warmer yellow white colour. This is something that is now commonly addressed with the use of colored phosphors (these do reduce luminosity but this is in turn compensated for by the ever increasing lumens per watt yields for LEDs).

The third factor that might be considered to weigh against low energy LED lighting is that the light emitted by an LED is intrinsically directional and doesn't scatter in all directions the way that incandescent and fluorescent lights do. This is actually quite acceptable in a spotlight, flood light or bright reading lamp, but it's not especially effective for emulating general ambient lighting such as a table lamp would provide. Though again, there are LED powered general lighting light bulbs becoming more commonly available that do a reasonable job here.

Two obvious plus points for low energy LED lighting are ease of retrofit and ecological credentials (other than simply saving energy).

LED lights are widely available for all common base fittings such as mains powered GU10 and 12v MR16 spotlights and the low energy standard base GU24 as well as regular bayonet mounts and Edison screw fittings. LED lights also don't suffer from the many inherent problems associated with CFLs such as: noticeably poor start-up times;A19 Light Bulb  reduced lifespan caused by frequent switching on and off; and bulky unattractive bulbs.

But perhaps one of the most widely known advantages of low energy LED lighting over energy saving CFL light bulbs is that they don't contain toxic mercury vapour or other unpleasant materials, and thus do not pose a serious health risk or require tiresome and expensive disposal procedures to protect the environment.

To sum up, the main perceived disadvantages of domestic energy saving LED lighting are cost and application (luminosity and color). Yet as we have seen, the cost of a light bulb is actually a red herring - the true cost of electrical lighting is the price of electricity and on this score ultra low energy LED lighting puts everything else, including energy saving CFLs, completely in the shade (pun intended)

As regards luminosity and light quality, LED lights on balance deliver a cleaner, sharper light than CFL light bulbs and offer far more flexibility in terms of color choice and brightness.
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2012-Jul-30 - California-based SolarCity Corp

Posted in IT
In Scottsdale, Foster City, a California-based SolarCity Corp. wants to install solar panels on two school roofs, essentially for free, and allow the school district would buy the electricity generated.

This has regional utility Salt River Project (SRP) up in arms. Arizona Public Service Company, the other regional utility (and the larger by 3,998 megawatts and 600,000 customers), has posed no objections, even though both will be required to testify before the Arizona Corporation Commission, solar panel supplier dab4d61ck Arizona's equivalent of a public utilities commission.

The schools in question are Coronado and Desert Mountain high schools. The issue in question is: can a solar manufacturer operate as a utility? Backers of the proposal see it as a huge incentive to solar power, because it frees proprietors from the sometimes huge upfront costs of installing solar arrays. Opponents argue that it would let solar panel manufacturers sell electricity without the oversight of state utility regulators,solar module manufacturerleading to electric-pricing disputes and abuse.

Returning to the issue of upfront costs in solar power, some have noted that, while individuals and even corporations can offset these with any number of federal, regional and local incentives, government buildings and schools aren't eligible for many of them, largely because such properties are financed with tax-exempt private activity bonds or other federal, state, or local subsidized financing (Section 48 of the Investment Tax Credit).

SolarCity argues that those limitations are slowing the growth of solar power, and many educators and public officials agree. Equally as important, SolarCity, as the installer and owner of record, can take advantage of those incentives, meaning they aren't lost and are reflected down the road in cheaper installation costs across the board as profits drive down the cost of solar panels.

That benefit alone, in a time of continuing recession, is tempting. According to SolarCity, schools could save $4.7 million on energy over the next 15 years by adopting the process.

SolarCity is not the first to make the suggestion, either. In October of 2008, Solar Alliance, a state-based advocacy group for solar designers, manufacturers, installers and financiers, asked the Corporation Commission to approve similar proposals. In fact, third party ownership using power purchase agreements (PPAs) was discussed as an option on Eshone Energy's blog.

The Arizona Corporation Commission has yet to get back to them, because the decision-making process challenges so many utility paradigms that there are no parallels, or precedents, to draw upon.

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2012-Jul-23 - LED driver is the LED

Posted in IT
LED relying on the high luminous efficiency, less power consumption, long service life, high safety and reliability, is conducive to environmental protection and other features make the application of LED in 2008 to obtain a spurt of development. In the LED games at the same time, the LED driver is the LED industry chain development of security,wireless keyboard dab4d60ck  LED power quality directly restricts the LED product reliability, therefore, in the Chinese LED industry chain gradually improve today, LED driving power is also very important to mature.
Because LED is a sensitive semiconductor device, but also has the negative temperature characteristic. Therefore in the process of application needs to carry on the stable working state and protection, thereby generating a drive concepts. The LED device to drive power demand almost harsh, LED does not like ordinary incandescent light bulb, can be directly connected to the 220V AC power. LED is a 2- 3volt low voltage driving, we must design a complex transform circuit, different uses of LED lights, should be equipped with different power adapter. LED drive power matching requirements of high pressure. Driving power supply quality is LED longevity efficient key security.
The author investigated the Shenzhen Levin photoelectric, Ford Shenzhen deep source of Electronic Science and technology and many other professionals to do LED driving power supply manufacturers after that, the international market for foreign customers for LED driving power supply efficiency conversion, effective power, constant current power, precision, life of electromagnetic compatibility requirements are very high, the design of a good the power supply must be integrated into these factor. Because the power supply in the whole lighting in the role as the human heart is as important as!
In 2009, despite the financial crisis on world economy,LED light Europe and the United States and other international market for large power LED power demand is very big still, some high-end LED products export volume is less affected by the financial crisis.
In 2008 China's LED application products output value has exceeded45000000000 yuan, LED demonstration and application of street lamp, LED full color display, solar LED, landscape lighting, consumer electronics, signal, indicative of backlight applications is still the main application fields, but in the domestic market flourishs one piece in the background, LED product quality is uneven, some good and some bad, to drive power demand chaos, but also in recent months led enterprise reshuffle main factors.
In the domestic market of LED products like a raging fire development trend, the LED driver power supply current output requirements posed a challenge. In order to extend the service life of LED lighting, commonly used integrated circuit power supply, so to design a circuit of constant current source power supply way, high current drive, with large power tube or silicon devices, plus a protection circuit, which can lead to the LED power supply circuit is very complicated, the failure rate is increased. Component cost, production cost, service cost will be increased. Currently LED itself on the high cost, plus the power cost, this greatly limits the LED products in the market competitiveness and buying groups, LED product advantages, it also restricts the development and popularization of another key problem.
On the LED power supply company,tin box manufacturer Shenzhen deep source of electronic technology limited company general manager Li Xu that in 2009about 100W power market growth will have very big promotion. From about 100W LED light source and the traditional lighting source compared to a more prominent cost-effective, and soon formed a scale of LED street lighting and landscape lighting market.
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2012-Jul-16 - Notes to digital camera

Posted in IT
01, often reset camera Settings

Sometimes you see a good picture can be the scene, but because GanGuangDu and saturation of the camera but still stays in a photo taken on the numerical and miss opportunities more frustrating. To avoid this scenario will rely on the inspection and reset. About you camera Settings are need to finish in a photo taken after the replacement, which will each time filming the best photo opportunity, dab4d59ck to the next in the shooting.

02, memory card must be deleted should select the format

Format the memory card is all of the data it will erase, thus to record any information about the camera. And delete your picture is not. So, always remember format the memory card, and the data to the damage of the risk to the minimum.

03 often camera firmware update

The firmware is in the camera image transmission in the machine parameters set, even is to decide what function is the user can operation of the software. To often refer to your machine manufacturer's web site, make sure your SLR cameras of the firmware is the most advancedweb camera manufacturer.

04 keep camera battery full electricity

Don't always if the camera's battery is full of electricity, to make sure it is full of electricity. The trip before for the battery, so as to ensure adequate battery energy. Sometimes, had better match a spare battery.

05 set reasonable the image's resolution

Most of the time, no matter what the subject, to use the camera to provide the maximum the image's resolution to shoot. Sometimes, decrease the image's resolution can not only make memory card take take more pictures, HD webcam manufacturer still can increase shooting speed.
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2012-Jul-11 - LED common problem

Posted in IT

1. Anti-static products

In the insulation on the ground, the human body body of electrostatic can achieve a few KV even tens of thousands of volts, if human body electrostatic beyond 2-3 KV,PAR 38 LED dab4d58ck contact when metal products will produce static breakdown.

So in operation and use of electronic products such as LED, anti-static particularly important.

In the factory, should wear electrostatic take and electrostatic shoes and install detection anti-static clothing and anti-static shoes effect of detection instruments and equipment

Work station: in anti-static work area handle esd sensitive components

Storage: with electrostatic bag or container transportation storage

Testing: regular testing all anti-static measure is normal, determination of the production and suppliers correct operation

2. LED light source advantage

A longT8 LED Tube service life (> 100000 HRS)

A low voltage driver (1.8-4.5 V)

A less power consumption (40 to 100 mW)

A relatively cold light source

A light speed (time constant 10-seven-10-9 S)

Should avoid suspected light effect

A small volume

A variety of colors

A seismic sex especially good (the solid encapsulation, not dilapidation easily)

A monochromatic better (light emitting wavelength stability)

A green non-pollution

3. Light emitting diode of industrial division

Leds components in its production process can be divided into the wafer fabrication (single chip and lei chip production and manufacturing), a middle grain production (lei chip will make electrode, the platform after etching process such as cutting out LED grain) and downstream packaging (will grain encapsulation into luminous devices), and the specific process for:

The extension of technology:

Substrate-structure design-buffer layer growth-N type GaN layer growth--more light quantum well layer growth-P type GaN layer growth, annealing, detection (light fluorescence, X-ray)--of extension

Chip technology:

The extension of design, processing, mask lithography templates- ion etching-N type electrode (coating,office furniture manufacture neize225dw annealing, etching)-P type electrode (coating, annealing, etching)-HuaPian-chip points inspection, grading


Encapsulation technology:

Packaging-expansion-point crystal silver plasma (insulation glue)-solid crystal-drying-brazing wire-sealing glue (epoxy resin)-- half cut-performance drying test-all cut-test sorting-packing

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