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life in blue sky

2012-Aug-27 - LED Floodlights are the perfect

Posted in IT
All of us want to have floodlights that are energy efficient and at the same time don't affect our environment badly in any way.LED Spotlight dab5d56ck LED Floodlights are the perfect answer to this. They not only save energy but are easy on your pocket as well. Let us consider the benefits of these floodlights.

?€ Fluorescent bulbs are not as energy efficient as LED and they don't last long whereas LED last for much longer time.
?€ They are very environment friendly and save a lot of energy.
?€ These floodlights can work on many forms of energies that involves solar energy as well. This feature of these lights make them more valuable and cost-effective.
?€ You save a lot of money by buying them as you need to change them frequently.
?€ They are easy to install. LED FloodlightThey don't need any solder to get installed.
?€ They are capable of illuminating wide places such as play grounds and big lawns and are perfect for carrying out events like games and concerts.
?€ LED lights are much brighter than other kind of illuminating products such as bulbs.
?€ They do not get heated up easily. They are quite cool to use.
?€ As LEDs don't require much power, so they can be well used in remote areas instead of generators.
?€ They require less replacement and maintenance cost.
?€ Everyone wants a secure life and these floodlights offer you complete security with the kind of brightness they provide and save your money also.

Flood lights light up your front yard to making everything more visible to you. If you are fed up of changing your flood light every now and then,LED Candle Bulb then you may opt for LED as they last for much longer time and are energy efficient as well.
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2012-Aug-20 - DVD copying software available

Posted in IT
You can put the ripper application to so many different uses - backing up files and data that might be important/ be needed later, copying favorite videos, video games, creating and editing your own visuals,reishidab5d55ck   music and images into a DVD and so on. The applications come loaded with features but all of them come in a compact package that doesn't occupy much space on your computer.

There are several choices in terms of best DVD copying software available to you. However there are inherent problems in them that you need to look out for and avoid. Do you get the latest and official versions of the applications you choose? Do you have free updates done automatically? Is there customer support you can rely on? Are downloads quick, easy to install and do not occupy large spaces? The above are some questions you can answer before deciding where to get your software from.

A couple of websites dedicated to providing reliable best DVD copying software and more have been made available for users. These sites have so many exciting features which you will want to try out when you know about them. You can make use of your digital music to the utmost by making up your own play lists on CDs/ DVDs and play them during your parties.dvd copying software  There are even options to add sound tracks over and above these. You can get creative and edit multiple movies or videos to make your own movies and share them with friends. Put away your memories safely by backing up precious files and other data.

Some of the site features and facilities include:

1.Applications, software versions are most recent and officially guaranteed ones

2.Downloads are quick to be downloaded

3.Easy installation of downloaded software and immediate use

4.A 24*7 support facility to help customers

5.Updates are done dvd to iphone automatically free of cost

6.There are exhaustive guidelines to help users to download and use software

7.Applications have easy to use friendly interfaces so that even novices can use

8.There are advanced options to create DVDs with professional quality
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2012-Aug-14 - Zenigata LED light

Posted in IT
So you could, right now, replace all your 60w light bulbs with Zenigata LED light bulbs rated at 6.7 watts and consume 1/10th (or 90% less) electricity. And remember Haitz's Law? Because of performance improvements, eighteen months from now you should be able to obtain the same 60w worth of lighting from just 3 watts.

LED light, in common with CFLs,PAR 38 LED dab5d63ck  has tended to be a somewhat cool blue colour, whereas we are more accustomed to a warmer yellow white colour. This is something that is now commonly addressed with the use of colored phosphors (these do reduce luminosity but this is in turn compensated for by the ever increasing lumens per watt yields for LEDs).

The third factor that might be considered to weigh against low energy LED lighting is that the light emitted by an LED is intrinsically directional and doesn't scatter in all directions the way that incandescent and fluorescent lights do. This is actually quite acceptable in a spotlight, flood light or bright reading lamp, but it's not especially effective for emulating general ambient lighting such as a table lamp would provide. Though again, there are LED powered general lighting light bulbs becoming more commonly available that do a reasonable job here.

Two obvious plus points for low energy LED lighting are ease of retrofit and ecological credentials (other than simply saving energy).

LED lights are widely available for all common base fittings such as mains powered GU10 and 12v MR16 spotlights and the low energy standard base GU24 as well as regular bayonet mounts and Edison screw fittings. LED lights also don't suffer from the many inherent problems associated with CFLs such as: noticeably poor start-up times;A19 Light Bulb  reduced lifespan caused by frequent switching on and off; and bulky unattractive bulbs.

But perhaps one of the most widely known advantages of low energy LED lighting over energy saving CFL light bulbs is that they don't contain toxic mercury vapour or other unpleasant materials, and thus do not pose a serious health risk or require tiresome and expensive disposal procedures to protect the environment.

To sum up, the main perceived disadvantages of domestic energy saving LED lighting are cost and application (luminosity and color). Yet as we have seen, the cost of a light bulb is actually a red herring - the true cost of electrical lighting is the price of electricity and on this score ultra low energy LED lighting puts everything else, including energy saving CFLs, completely in the shade (pun intended)

As regards luminosity and light quality, LED lights on balance deliver a cleaner, sharper light than CFL light bulbs and offer far more flexibility in terms of color choice and brightness.
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2012-Aug-6 - lateral to compact ones

Posted in Design

These cabinets are available in two types such as lateral to compact ones. They are able to pass air from the interior portion of the cabinets as they so that they dint get improper due to humidityYu-Gi-Oh . The lateral comes for daily utilization purpose.

For daily purpose use, lateral cabinets have been proved very tidy as well as organized keeping. These cabinets are available in having 2, 4, or even 5 drawers along with matching drawer pullers so that you can change it according to your room interior.

600 series of lateral cabinets is one of the most popular cabinets which are presently highly in use for offices as it has been known as a graceful addition to office interior. These cabinets provide with 2, 3, 4, 5,counselinghkand with 6 drawers.

For daily purpose use and which are kind of hard and rough and tough in nature cabinets are the 700 series lateral cabinets. The handles of the drawers are very stylish and locks are also present along within these drawers for further safety.

Other advanced lateral series includes the 80 series as well as 800/700 series which are highly advanced features and reliability. Other distinguished Hon file cabinets include the 530 series, 510 series, 310 series etc.

There is a series which is vertical in shape and takes a minimum office place. It is considered as ideal for the office use for the storage of files. These cabinets are available in 5 letter size drawers as well as 5 legal size drawers.Office furniture cabinet Offices feel and breathe easy as they are not dumped with the furniture.
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2012-Jul-30 - California-based SolarCity Corp

Posted in IT
In Scottsdale, Foster City, a California-based SolarCity Corp. wants to install solar panels on two school roofs, essentially for free, and allow the school district would buy the electricity generated.

This has regional utility Salt River Project (SRP) up in arms. Arizona Public Service Company, the other regional utility (and the larger by 3,998 megawatts and 600,000 customers), has posed no objections, even though both will be required to testify before the Arizona Corporation Commission, solar panel supplier dab4d61ck Arizona's equivalent of a public utilities commission.

The schools in question are Coronado and Desert Mountain high schools. The issue in question is: can a solar manufacturer operate as a utility? Backers of the proposal see it as a huge incentive to solar power, because it frees proprietors from the sometimes huge upfront costs of installing solar arrays. Opponents argue that it would let solar panel manufacturers sell electricity without the oversight of state utility regulators,solar module manufacturerleading to electric-pricing disputes and abuse.

Returning to the issue of upfront costs in solar power, some have noted that, while individuals and even corporations can offset these with any number of federal, regional and local incentives, government buildings and schools aren't eligible for many of them, largely because such properties are financed with tax-exempt private activity bonds or other federal, state, or local subsidized financing (Section 48 of the Investment Tax Credit).

SolarCity argues that those limitations are slowing the growth of solar power, and many educators and public officials agree. Equally as important, SolarCity, as the installer and owner of record, can take advantage of those incentives, meaning they aren't lost and are reflected down the road in cheaper installation costs across the board as profits drive down the cost of solar panels.

That benefit alone, in a time of continuing recession, is tempting. According to SolarCity, schools could save $4.7 million on energy over the next 15 years by adopting the process.

SolarCity is not the first to make the suggestion, either. In October of 2008, Solar Alliance, a state-based advocacy group for solar designers, manufacturers, installers and financiers, asked the Corporation Commission to approve similar proposals. In fact, third party ownership using power purchase agreements (PPAs) was discussed as an option on Eshone Energy's blog.

The Arizona Corporation Commission has yet to get back to them, because the decision-making process challenges so many utility paradigms that there are no parallels, or precedents, to draw upon.

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2012-Jul-23 - LED driver is the LED

Posted in IT
LED relying on the high luminous efficiency, less power consumption, long service life, high safety and reliability, is conducive to environmental protection and other features make the application of LED in 2008 to obtain a spurt of development. In the LED games at the same time, the LED driver is the LED industry chain development of security,wireless keyboard dab4d60ck  LED power quality directly restricts the LED product reliability, therefore, in the Chinese LED industry chain gradually improve today, LED driving power is also very important to mature.
Because LED is a sensitive semiconductor device, but also has the negative temperature characteristic. Therefore in the process of application needs to carry on the stable working state and protection, thereby generating a drive concepts. The LED device to drive power demand almost harsh, LED does not like ordinary incandescent light bulb, can be directly connected to the 220V AC power. LED is a 2- 3volt low voltage driving, we must design a complex transform circuit, different uses of LED lights, should be equipped with different power adapter. LED drive power matching requirements of high pressure. Driving power supply quality is LED longevity efficient key security.
The author investigated the Shenzhen Levin photoelectric, Ford Shenzhen deep source of Electronic Science and technology and many other professionals to do LED driving power supply manufacturers after that, the international market for foreign customers for LED driving power supply efficiency conversion, effective power, constant current power, precision, life of electromagnetic compatibility requirements are very high, the design of a good the power supply must be integrated into these factor. Because the power supply in the whole lighting in the role as the human heart is as important as!
In 2009, despite the financial crisis on world economy,LED light Europe and the United States and other international market for large power LED power demand is very big still, some high-end LED products export volume is less affected by the financial crisis.
In 2008 China's LED application products output value has exceeded45000000000 yuan, LED demonstration and application of street lamp, LED full color display, solar LED, landscape lighting, consumer electronics, signal, indicative of backlight applications is still the main application fields, but in the domestic market flourishs one piece in the background, LED product quality is uneven, some good and some bad, to drive power demand chaos, but also in recent months led enterprise reshuffle main factors.
In the domestic market of LED products like a raging fire development trend, the LED driver power supply current output requirements posed a challenge. In order to extend the service life of LED lighting, commonly used integrated circuit power supply, so to design a circuit of constant current source power supply way, high current drive, with large power tube or silicon devices, plus a protection circuit, which can lead to the LED power supply circuit is very complicated, the failure rate is increased. Component cost, production cost, service cost will be increased. Currently LED itself on the high cost, plus the power cost, this greatly limits the LED products in the market competitiveness and buying groups, LED product advantages, it also restricts the development and popularization of another key problem.
On the LED power supply company,tin box manufacturer Shenzhen deep source of electronic technology limited company general manager Li Xu that in 2009about 100W power market growth will have very big promotion. From about 100W LED light source and the traditional lighting source compared to a more prominent cost-effective, and soon formed a scale of LED street lighting and landscape lighting market.
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2012-Jul-16 - Notes to digital camera

Posted in IT
01, often reset camera Settings

Sometimes you see a good picture can be the scene, but because GanGuangDu and saturation of the camera but still stays in a photo taken on the numerical and miss opportunities more frustrating. To avoid this scenario will rely on the inspection and reset. About you camera Settings are need to finish in a photo taken after the replacement, which will each time filming the best photo opportunity, dab4d59ck to the next in the shooting.

02, memory card must be deleted should select the format

Format the memory card is all of the data it will erase, thus to record any information about the camera. And delete your picture is not. So, always remember format the memory card, and the data to the damage of the risk to the minimum.

03 often camera firmware update

The firmware is in the camera image transmission in the machine parameters set, even is to decide what function is the user can operation of the software. To often refer to your machine manufacturer's web site, make sure your SLR cameras of the firmware is the most advancedweb camera manufacturer.

04 keep camera battery full electricity

Don't always if the camera's battery is full of electricity, to make sure it is full of electricity. The trip before for the battery, so as to ensure adequate battery energy. Sometimes, had better match a spare battery.

05 set reasonable the image's resolution

Most of the time, no matter what the subject, to use the camera to provide the maximum the image's resolution to shoot. Sometimes, decrease the image's resolution can not only make memory card take take more pictures, HD webcam manufacturer still can increase shooting speed.
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2012-Jul-11 - LED common problem

Posted in IT

1. Anti-static products

In the insulation on the ground, the human body body of electrostatic can achieve a few KV even tens of thousands of volts, if human body electrostatic beyond 2-3 KV,PAR 38 LED dab4d58ck contact when metal products will produce static breakdown.

So in operation and use of electronic products such as LED, anti-static particularly important.

In the factory, should wear electrostatic take and electrostatic shoes and install detection anti-static clothing and anti-static shoes effect of detection instruments and equipment

Work station: in anti-static work area handle esd sensitive components

Storage: with electrostatic bag or container transportation storage

Testing: regular testing all anti-static measure is normal, determination of the production and suppliers correct operation

2. LED light source advantage

A longT8 LED Tube service life (> 100000 HRS)

A low voltage driver (1.8-4.5 V)

A less power consumption (40 to 100 mW)

A relatively cold light source

A light speed (time constant 10-seven-10-9 S)

Should avoid suspected light effect

A small volume

A variety of colors

A seismic sex especially good (the solid encapsulation, not dilapidation easily)

A monochromatic better (light emitting wavelength stability)

A green non-pollution

3. Light emitting diode of industrial division

Leds components in its production process can be divided into the wafer fabrication (single chip and lei chip production and manufacturing), a middle grain production (lei chip will make electrode, the platform after etching process such as cutting out LED grain) and downstream packaging (will grain encapsulation into luminous devices), and the specific process for:

The extension of technology:

Substrate-structure design-buffer layer growth-N type GaN layer growth--more light quantum well layer growth-P type GaN layer growth, annealing, detection (light fluorescence, X-ray)--of extension

Chip technology:

The extension of design, processing, mask lithography templates- ion etching-N type electrode (coating,office furniture manufacture neize225dw annealing, etching)-P type electrode (coating, annealing, etching)-HuaPian-chip points inspection, grading


Encapsulation technology:

Packaging-expansion-point crystal silver plasma (insulation glue)-solid crystal-drying-brazing wire-sealing glue (epoxy resin)-- half cut-performance drying test-all cut-test sorting-packing

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2012-Jul-4 - The factory

Shenzhen, July sun, how many some diabolical. The factory, the gate lock, about 20 workers scattered sat in the shade.

"We are just ordinary workers, wait here pay."online ups power manufacturerOne of them said.

July 4 in the morning, the daily economic news reporters arrived in shenzhen area clear lake on the road at shenzhen vision opto-electronics Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the vision optoelectronic). As the rumours general, vision optoelectronic collapse, leading shareholder in the company XingYi not been found.

XingYi, there is also a identity was the state science and technology (300232, SZ) of the two founders of, the company in last year in gem listing.LED Products dab4d56ck The identity, once for all not know. XingYi liabilities flee, how many some let a person silently unceasingly.

Domestic LED industry ShiWeiLi says senior personage, the LED display industry, the problem is very serious ious, with less than most of the enterprise is very painful funds.

Many factors detonate capital chain

XingYi had sent a short of foreign news: "due to a serious shortage of funds, plus being countries property, let factory xiaoxia wang was in trouble."

"We are just ordinary workers, wait here pay." A waiting in the factory gates said the workers, the employee of the company less 2 months, more is not get pay for half a year, all plant staff added up to number less than 100.

The above staff pointed out that the company's products are mainly sold to Europe and the United States areas, because foreign environment is bad, can say no class can be added.

The daily economic news reporters from the personage inside the industry place to realize, domestic LED display industry of time is the best day in 2005 ~ 2006.

"In fact, the industry in the year before is brilliant." ShiWeiLi that domestic LED display market after 10 years of development has reached its peak, almost no profit space.

ShiWeiLi also point out that in this industry, the ious, the situation has been very serious, not just now, and the so. The past can also through bank loans and financing way, now melts less than funds, so most of the enterprise are all very pain, in addition to several large listed company outside, other enterprise can't.

Vision finance director has said optoelectronics, the cause of the company went bankrupt is largely because small and medium-sized enterprise loans difficult question, they have get a loan to hangzhou, but in terms of the encounter difficulties and challenge make people can't imagine.

In the LED display enterprise difficult to pass the channel such as bank financing, and at the same time, the heat of external funds also don't like to be crazy when LED lighting,LED PAR Light the industry in the Olympic Games and the world expo Shanghai only by short-term hype.

ShiWeiLi think, this or to the subdivision industry with the government of the support strength not relevant, the government is introduced some policy, but do not operate too much, just some simple big policies.
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2012-Jun-26 - substrate is introduced

LED radiating ceramic substrate is introduced
How to reduce LED grain ceramic substrates of the resistance to the promotion of LED luminous efficiency is the main topic, according to its production line method can distinguish for thick film ceramic substrate,coriolus versicolor low temperature co-fired ceramic thin film ceramic substrate, and three, respectively, as follows:
3.1 thick film ceramic substrate
Thick film ceramic substrate is the screen printing technology production, with the material to be printed on the substrate, after drying, sintering, laser and other steps, the current domestic thick film ceramic substrate main manufacturer for Wo extension hall, nine Hao companies such as. In general, screen printing production lines for the screen net, easy to produce line, alignment is not accurate, the phenomenon of rough. Therefore, for the future size requirement is more and more small, the line more sophisticated high-power LED products, or require accurate contraposition eutectic or flip chip process production of LED products, thick film ceramic substrate accuracy has no use.
3.2low temperature co-fired multilayer ceramic
Low temperature co-fired multilayer ceramic technology, ceramic as substrate material, the line by screen printing means for printing on the substrate, and then integrated multi-layer ceramic substrate, finally through the low temperature sintering, and the major domestic manufacturers, Hong Xin Jing Tak Electronic company.LED Lighting manufacturer dab4d55ck While the low temperature co-fired multilayer ceramic substrate metal circuit layer is also made using screen printing processes, also may be due to network problems caused by alignment error, in addition, multilayer ceramic laminated after sintering, but also consider the contraction ratio problem. Therefore, if the low temperature co-fired multilayer ceramic used in the request line alignment precision of the eutectic / crystal coated LED products, the more strict.
The 3.3 film ceramic substrate
In order to improve the thick film process network problems, and multiple layers of laminated sintered shrinkage ratio, the recent development of thin film ceramic substrate as LED grain radiating substrate. Thin film heat dissipation substrate by sputtering, but electric / electrochemical deposition, and the yellow light lithography process produced, have:
(1) low temperature process (300??), to avoid the high temperature material damage or size variation possibilities;
(2) the use of yellow light lithography process, allowing the substrate to the line more accurate;
(3) the metal line is not easy to fall off ... Characteristics, so the film ceramic substrate suitable for high power, small size, high brightness LED,baby wholesale clothing and counterpoint high accuracy of eutectic / flip-chip packaging process. At present mainly in the domestic AI Bai electronics and with division electric company, a professional film ceramic substrate production capacity.
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2012-Jun-18 - Light Emitting Diodes

The manufacturers used LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) as a backlighting source instead of the conventional CCFL sources and were able to achieve all-the-above stated So, this gave birth to the 'LED backlit LCD' televisions.

Currently, if you go shopping for an LCD television, you won't find a true LED TV. The only things you will find are 'LED backlit LCDs'. So, don't expect to see a radically different picture altogether as compared to a 'CCFL backlit LCD', albeit the images produced by the 'LED backlit LCD' televisions is in fact much better.ipazzport dab4d53ck Even these televisions can be further classified into 4 different categories.

Currently, 'LED backlit LCDs' are available in the market in 2 varieties: 'Edge-Lit' and 'Full-Array'. In an 'Edge-Lit LED backlit LCD', LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are present in the entire perimeter (periphery) of the television.

The backlighting of the screen is achieved with the help of what are called 'Light Guides'. These 'Light Guides' direct the glow towards the center of the screen.

The following are the advantages of these kinds of televisions:

1. They are very thin (as much as 40% thinner) when compared to 'CCFL backlit LCDs'

2. They consume much less power (as compared to the 'CCFL backlit LCDs')

3. They are also very much lighter in weight (In fact, most of them could be wall mounted)

4. They can produce a bright image with very nice colors and deep blacks

The following are the disadvantages:

1.LED Floodlight The entire screen may not be lit uniformly (The edge of the screen may be brighter than the middle of the screen)

2. True blacks may not be achieved consistently across the entire screen

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2012-Jun-11 - Green and yellow light LED

To make LED work in the most simple way is, with a voltage source through a resistor connected in series,ipazzport bluetooth keyboard  material on the current block is the resistance of a substance. Low resistance material is called a conductor of electricity, referred to as conductor. Resistance substance known as an electrical insulator, referred to as the insulator. [text] and LED. As long as the working voltage ( VB ) ( bao3chi2) remain constant, LED could be a constant intensity of light ( though with the increase of ambient temperature light intensity will reduce ). By changing the series resistance value can be adjusted to the desired intensity intensity.
For the 5mm diameter of the standard LED, figure 1 shows the turn-on voltage ( VF ) and forward ( Yu3ZHENG4xiang4dian4) electric current ( IF ) function curve. [1] LED forward voltage drop along with the increasing of the forward current. If the job in10mA forward current green LED should have a constant 5V working voltage, then the series resistor is equal to the RV (5V -VF10mA ) /10mA = 300. As data in the table presented in the typical working conditions of the graph ( Figure 2) shows, the conducting voltage of 2V.
The standard red, green and yellow light LED with 1.4V to2.6V forward conduction voltage range. When the current is less than 10mA, turn-on voltage change just a few hundred millivolts. The series resistance and a voltage stabilizing source provides a simple LED driving method.
This kind of commercially available diode using GaAsP ( gallium arsenide ). Easy control, ( Zhi Cheng _yi Yu Kong Zhi _ ) and by the vast majority of engineer known, it has the following advantages:? The color ( emission wavelength ) in the forward current, voltage and temperature ( Zai Zheng Xiang Dian Liu _gong Zuo Dian Ya Yi Ji Huan Jing Wen ) degree changes to keep considerable stability. Standard of green LED emission about565nm wavelength, tolerance is only 25nm. Because the color difference is very small, at the same time parallel driving several such LED no problem ( as shown in Figure 3. ). Forward breakover voltage normal changes will produce weak intensity differences, but these are minor. Can usually be ignored the same manufacturers, the same batches of the difference between the LED. ? current high to about10mA,¦?very little forward voltage. Red light LED variation of approximately 200mV, other color is about 400mV ( as shown in Figure 1. ). In contrast, for less than10mA? Positive current, blue ( DE0ZHENG4xiang4dian4and Liu2_lan2guang1He2) white light LED¦?of smaller forward voltage. Can be directly used cheap lithium batteries
The battery is a kind of energy conversion and storage device, it reflected through chemical or physical energy into electrical energy. The battery is a chemical power, which consists of two different components of the electrochemically active electrode respectively composed of positive and negative poles of soaking can provide media conduction electrolyte, when connected to an external support, through the conversion of its internal chemical energy to provide electricity. [text] or three NiMH batteries drive. The graph is presented at the same time parallel driving several red light, yellow light or green light LED structure,A19 LED Light Bulb dab4d52ck with a small color differences or differences in brightness.
Therefore, the drive current of the LED consumption is very low. If the LED driving voltage higher than the maximum forward voltage, it does not need to boost converter or a complex and expensive current source.
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2012-Jun-4 - LED industry explore go EMC

Guangdong explore EMC mode the rich in experience

Guangdong development LED industry explore go EMC road,Ubabee baby wear dab4c52ck has had a taste of the rewards. It is reported, guangdong province in the aspects of the development of exploration main has different stages.

One is to promote the "Trinidad of" LED the work of the demonstration project, provincial department of the guangdong province held the united provinces construction hall LED street lamp application will, to summarize the dongguan, foshan promotion LED street lamp of successful experience, promotion "enterprise + user + bank" business model, the introduction of the buyer's credit, with the aid of financial power sharing project risks, and safeguard the production, consumption and financial three party interests.

 Following has successfully using this model, the completion of the long, stone row town 68 miles (kilometers) of article 23 street 4100 light white LED street lamps of power engineering construction demonstration, more than 60% of the overall power saving made gratifying achievements.

Two is to implement the "guangdong province green lighting demonstration city" action plan. At the conclusion of the "miles of" lamp that LED street lamp demonstration project construction is based on the experience of the past few years for LED street lamp project cost is higher, the contract energy management of the scale of the company, the bank is not willing to provide credit support for EMC project the bottleneck, by the guangdong province in "enterprise + user + bank" on the basis of the model of innovation design "contract energy management + supply chain management + financial" business model.

On the one hand through the project for the huge investment bank low-interest loans, on the other hand into the supply chain management methods, effectively reduce project financing cost and quality risk, real let EMC mode in LED the craziness of demonstration projects, and get the positive response and all support.

At present, the pearl river delta cities with provincial department has signed this model promotion,LED PAR 38 build the "green lighting demonstration city", the plan application LED street lamp 400000 light, make world-class LED lighting comprehensive demonstration area.
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2012-May-29 - American market

In some American market, solar or than coal or natural gas power generation cheaper, with the battery plate prices continue to fall, solar power would be more cost-effective, solar panel 2012dab4c51ck at least for the United States of America save cost10%.
RichardKeiser is a former SanfordBernstein analyst, currently KeiserAnalytics analyst, he says, to 2016, the residential price of solar or decreased to $3.00/ watts, and the utility scale power station competition. Public class solar power station has now delivered 4billion kwh of electricity.
Solar energy is not needed in the price and large-scale fossil fuel power station competition, this is the most common comparison, said Keiser. As long as the ratio of electric power consumer buying power from the grid can be cheaper than, when installing the battery plate from utilities to buy power cheaper, solar installation will skyrocket.
Keiser said," solar energy demand will grow exponentially, as Google Advertising disruptive technology, solar energy industry will become the industry leader. "
Keiser estimation, the next 5 years the United States of America solar panels will be more than 100GW,baby clothes wholesale ukogkewe25dwe is now a total of 25 times. The solar energy industries association is expected, by the end of 2015, solar power will be more than 21GW.
Keiser expects this to increase residential roof solar project driven, and the solar energy into the homeowners accessible technology solar lease item, or to promote solar energy growth.
Peng Boxin energy finance estimate,2015 solar installation costs will drop to $2.38/ watts.
Drop in the cost of raw materials and manufacturing process improvements to make solar energy prices continued to drop. According to the data reported,personal computer remote 2012 solar modules from the price from $1.79 at the beginning now down to99 cents / W.
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2012-May-21 - LED lighting market is unusually

Nearly two years LED lighting market is unusually hot; the frequency of certain enterprises demolition huge amounts of money into LED. Especially in engineering, lighting, from one hundred thousand street lamp,Health Supplement dcb4a51kk city landscape to the landmark buildings, each lamp market high streets and back lanes with LED products, chaos is ceaseless emerge in large numbers.
Mitsuo Aurora LED, product development process can use" move slow " to summarize. Mitsuo Aurora, the early focus of LED products, production in 2008with prospective first LED ceiling lamp high power lamp light cast products up to now already 5 year; in recent years, with the domestic market of LED lighting fully preheated, increasingly mature products, LED light source price gradually, Mitsuo, Aurora considers that the time is ripe, to determine the LED lighting market begins to send force.
In order to adapt to the Chinese market's basic situation, Mitsuo aurora will, research and development and the introduction of more suitable for Chinese conditions LED products, Mitsuo Aurora, after several years of LED commercial products and application technology research and development experience, and strive to a high starting point to cut into the LED home furnishing products, actively preparing for the coming industry inflection point, and the future of our products the development will also focus on LED".
" LED product system establishing a planned development"
Mitsuo Aurora, from implementation focus lighting light adjustable MR16, basic lighting bulb, candle, T8 lamp, and then to the decorative lighting soft light band, around the living space, suitable for the development of the entrance aisle, corridor, the wall lamp, ladder corner lamp, suitable for bathroom mirror front lamps, and is suitable for the balcony, bedroom, dining room, living room light adjusting all kinds of LED lamps, product line clear, category complete, stable and reliable product performance, applicable to various space home furnishing.
There are more take to one's bosom for elderly housing design of optically controlled induction lamp, embedded installation at the bedside, when when ambient light is dark, wall footlights automatically lit, facilitate the night night. As of the first half of 2012, introduced a new generation of LED eye lamp, high starting point of entry, the use of advanced optical technology and light modulation technology, user-friendly design, soft and uniform light,T8 LED lamp effectively alleviate the fatigue of the eyes.
These new after 3 years of laboratory testing and technical innovation, either the light source or the drive control are very mature.
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2012-May-15 - fear of cancer

Chinese "fear of cancer" seriously treat cancer diet to reason
Cancer of the fierce, lets the human be taken by surprise, but extremely, due to lack of can cure most cancer treatments,Cancer Treatment which causes people to easily for the anticancer and go to extremes, excessive reliance on diet, blind pursuit of anticancer health care products, is a typical example of anticancer food.ocb1d2ccan
This kind of phenomenon and our outstanding "fear of cancer is related to" psychological. According to a42national survey, in the face of cancer, low income country crowd holding negative attitude occupy 33%, middle income countries is 31%, high income countries is 14%, while China is high up to 43%. Lin Lizhu calls, to enhance tumor knowledge popularization, eliminate the public fear of cancer and misunderstanding, in recent years because of the abuse of the so-called foreign" care" or" cancer" and" food healthy food obsession syndrome", is our lesson.
The expert points out, cancer is a systemic disease, current western emphasis on cancer treatment,virtual office is the Chinese advocates " heterozygous and treat", food therapy can help, make up the shortage of the drug or other therapy. However, as the Tang Dynasty, Sun Simiao said," base oneself upon this, surely endowment in the food; save. Speed, will with in medicine". Although therapy for tumor patients be of great advantage, but still can not replace the drug efficacy.
Then, as the effect of auxiliary therapeutic cancer, what for? Lin Lizhu thinks: therapeutic cancer keyword is"". The first is food be patient appetite, followed by food taste function agree with the patient, should dialectically meal,company formation moreover is the diet be seasonal, regional."
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2012-May-9 - child development

Yuesao surrogacy adverse child development
The emergence of scientific child-rearing Yuesao spread of new ideas,Yun Zhito the young couple in the child was born the act with confusion for a month to help. But I found in clinically increasing maternal 's over-reliance on maternal, Yuesao too strong, bring a lot of negative effects, which run counter to one's desire.
Case: a young mother giving birth 4day, tears in his eyes told me: I envy Yuesao, she said I can't have children, should have a good rest. But by holding the child smiled: she did not know, nor the baby milk is not enough, all my children, to count the fuck our baby.
Example two: I'm rounds saw Yuesao holding a child, playing with the children, do the mother at the bedside to watch, I say why not let mother hug? Grandma said aside: This provides a valuable, spend so much money to let her do more than.
Example three: a maternal depression in a room next door 's lying alone, and maternal parents with children, maternal listen quietly, a look of helplessness. It is the treatment of the postpartum depression is becoming more and more serious.
These are our mistakes please remember. But ought to: assist maternal do menial work, to help mothers do she is not convenient to do live.wholesale baby clothes suppliers A child's good and bad ( here include good health, mental health, IQ, EQ is high ), grew up with his mother is talent, fetal education after birth and every day education, affect the inseparable. From birth, maternal love is the most important factor in child development, child reduced maternal enjoyment, for future growth will cause many obstacles.
As the maternal birth is just the first step in the Long March, the next step is to use their milk to feed their children. During the month the mothers are most important thing is to restore the physical strength, careful to feed a baby. When the children need to eat, breastfeeding on demand; while the baby is sleeping mother also follows the baby sleep. Do everything to his children about truth, singing to children, eyes and look him in the eye, for the exchange of feelings. Such children to understand truth, human, loving.
Assist in doing their own rehabilitation 's maternal and infant care, is not to replace the maternal. Do the daily cleaning room health, help to do breast care, soup, nutrition catering, bathing and rubbing. On the baby, changing diapers, take a shower, wash baby supplies. Throughout the work is only a supporting role, do not take the initiative to help, but only maternal into mother roles, use their experience to help the maternal faster familiar to children's method,baby shoes wholesale we hope that each use Yuesao family do not enter this misunderstanding.
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2012-May-1 - So you have been in my side

She looked at the desk every day on the lunch helplessly sigh if is he sent it

He looked at the desk every day of chocolate conveniently trashed if she is sent it

Until one day they because the same idea to advance to the school

He saw the her hand take chocolate leng,

She saw carrying the line of least resistance his heart is slow,

"Even if the past for many years I still remember you said you loved me

She met him at the age of thirteen, PC remote controlshe is the ugly duckling, be joke

He limping step loudly of say a love her, and then let his joke her a person into a joke he,

He used his own self-esteem serious maintain her 13 years of self-esteem,

His transfer, but didn't tell her,

Until after many years, she told all people, she waited for the limping on foot said he loved her,

No matter not ugly ugly,

Whatever lame lame, not

She love him!

"Every day I used to do most things just miss you

The little boy upsetly say: mommy, give me a piece of candy!

She said: no, my baby obedient, your teeth are moth decayed empty. Can't eat candy.

The little boy never face. She say: good, give you a chance, if you can guess every day to mommy do most things, to allow you to eat sweets. The little boy exciting dancing say: good, simple good simple. Mommy do every day is the most things, cooking.

She smiled shake to say no, then guess. Three chance. The little boy frown said: wash clothes? Water the flowers? She smiled hold about young boy walked into the room... She picked up a photo said: boy, mommy every day do most things, just miss you father ah................

You said the next life if I remember you are dead also to be together, but now, had forgotten we also each rush thing

He can really sing, and she loves to hear him sing, they together six years, he had said to him, sing the most wonderful, is that: you said next life if I remember you, we also want to death together. Six years, time and distance, eventually, they also separate. Many years later, she heard the words of songs. Still can't help with tears in her eyes. Years ago the good vow, finally also disappear,

 can forget, but will never be you

The airport, she and her embrace each other, she took her said, so many years, lonesome maywaiting yourself in a foreign country? She smiles and says, well, every day of life is very ordinary simple. Heart is calm... She said softly: the years, do you still remember? She patted her hand, say: it doesn't matter, don't worry about me, those bad memories, I would have been thrown away. She make an effort to hold her hand, said she finally let go for yourself feel happy. They went into the cafe about, about not seen for years and still miss friendship. And with a familiar figure, all they are the eyes of man. She smiled a little stiff, low voice say: he's nice,bluetooth keyboard side she are quite beautiful. She said the leng: you are not forget? Not is say good ditched him no longer memories? She wry smile of say: I'll forget before bad memories, but don't forget him. After all, he was so deep live in my heart.

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2012-Apr-23 - Treatment of hypertension

Glossy ganoderma can make in anesthetized rabbits blood pressure reduction, systolic and diastolic blood pressure were 15% and25%, also make neural activity is inhibited, the inhibitory rates were respectively 20% and 40%. According to a hospital reportYunzhi psp, the use of Ganoderma lucidum liquid in the treatment of18cases of hypertension patients, the total efficiency of 88.9%. The hypotensive effect of Ganoderma lucidum and sympathetic efferent block on. Another report, by fungus preparations in the treatment of high backlog of30 cases, the total effective rate was 88.3%. At the same time, glossy ganoderma can lengthen and stabilize other antihypertensive drugs effect.
Treatment of diabetes mellitus
Ganoderma lucidum hypoglycemic principle is due to promote tissue on glucose utilization in. Administration of Ganoderma lucidum can replace insulin inhibition of fatty acid release, may improve blood sugar,PC remoteurine and other symptoms. Ganoderma lucidum in water soluble polysaccharide, can reduce the incidence of non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Japan Numata on chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma
Ganoderma is obvious antitussive expectorant and antiasthmatic effects of the disease, to relieve expectoration, asthma symptoms and prevent wheezing episodes have significant effect. The immune function, and can effectively prevent the repeated cold, thereby reducing the recurrence of the disease. The goods on TCM belongs to cold type and phlegm dampness effect better, lung heat and dryness type effect is poor. The total efficiency is about 80%.
Anti allergic effects
When the body is affected by a certain antigen invasion resulting in immune hyperfunction, resulting in a variety of allergy or immune pathological damage, glossy ganoderma can suppress sthenic immune levels, maintain the body's own stability. Experiments show: Ganoderma lucidum may block the allergic reaction of the release medium, prevent the occurrence of allergic reactions, therefore, for the treatment of difficult allergy or autoimmune diseases. Such as: allergic asthma, systemic lupus erythematosus, nephritis, allergic rhinitis, a variety of intractable skin diseases can play a better effect,windsor health and can fight against certain diseases patients with long-term use of hormone and toxic side effects.
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2012-Apr-15 - Essential oil of common point

In 1, the function of sterilization: essential oil concentration than traditional herbal medicine70 times higher,Yunzhi Essencecan destroy a variety of bacteria, viruses, and can affect the cell tissue fabrication, accelerate cell the new supersedes the old. And strengthen the function of the immune system, so that the cell has self-healing ability, eliminate the toxin inside the cell.

2, strong penetration: essential oils skin penetration force is very big. The skin is the largest organ in the body, through the skin, essential oil can penetrate to the endothelial deep tissue and fat, rapidly through the different levels and direct access to the blood, through the blood circulation system,mother dayto play an appropriate role, after 24 hours of essential oil with waste toxins through sweat, lung, kidney, urine and other ways, from in vitro.

Essential oil permeate force strong, easily absorbed by the skin, can dissolve fat and balance of cell organization, strengthens the skin breath ability and vitality, help the body eliminate waste toxins, helps to cleanse the body tissue.

In addition, the essential oil can replenish skin oxygen, moisture, accelerate cell metabolism, help the wound and scar restoration,office furniture delay the aging of cells. In short, essential for the skin to make a comprehensive care.
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